Learning Never Ends

A need to learn is something built into most pilots. We figure out shortly after obtaining our permit or license that the learning never ends. Someone once said that the act of flying literally and figuratively changes your prospective on the world, and that is the secret we pilots know. That’s why we fly. P&P

First Student Group Started Flight training

Dragon Flyer 1, the first group of student started their first day of flight training after completing their ground school. They are looking forward to obtain their Ultralight Pilot Permits within the next six week.

Canadian fly ultralights

There are several reasons why Canadians fly ultralights, but we mostly do it out of necessity, since certified General Aviation has priced itself out of the reach of the average Canadian worker. We fly ultralights because they are simple, affordable, safe, versatile and fun to operate. We fly ultralights because the medical requirements for the … Continued