Who We Are


Founded in Calgary, Alberta in the shadow of the majestic Rocky Mountains with the purpose of enhancing and promoting Sport Aviation via providing ultralight pilot training and ultralight / LSA aircraft services.

LSA objective is to put more people in the sky and promote the enjoyment and the privilege in the freedom of flying.

LSA ultralight training comprises a ground school course and one-on-one flight training. Transport Canada minimum requirements are 10 hours of flight training, however up to 20 hours of training time should be expected to allow the beginner to actively control the airplane.

Obtaining the ultralight pilot permit is the license to learn aviation. Pilots say that they keep learning in each hour of flight they carry on. Therefore sharpening the pilot’s skill is essential after them obtaining their ultralight pilot permit. Light Sport Aviation Inc. will facilitate to its students the enjoyment of owning/partnership an ultralight airplane in cost effective manner.

Light Sport Aviation Inc. is always out looking for professionally built ultralight / Sight Sport airplanes that Light Sport Aviation Inc. will purchase for the purpose of transitioning it (reselling) to its student(s). One student or group of students will have the option to purchase an ultralight / light sport airplane and be trained in the same airplane that they can keep flying after obtaining their permits.