Canadian fly ultralights


There are several reasons why Canadians fly ultralights, but we mostly do it out of necessity, since certified General Aviation has priced itself out of the reach of the average Canadian worker. We fly ultralights because they are simple, affordable, safe, versatile and fun to operate. We fly ultralights because the medical requirements for the Pilot Permit are not as stringent as for General Aviation. We fly ultralights because we can get involved: we can build them, we can fly them and we can maintain them, if we choose, in the Ultralight Category.


Born in the USA during the mid-1970s from the marriage of the hang-glider and the two-stroke chain-saw engine, today’s ultra-light aircraft approach and even surpass the size, speed and performance of the original Piper, Cessna, Aeronca and Taylorcraft of the 1930s. Ultra-light flying is a fast growing segment of Canadian aviation. According to Transport Canada records (as of 31st December 2014), there were 7,125 ultralights registered in Canada, up from 6,973 ultralights at the same time one year ago, 6,803 two years ago and 6,585 three years ago. Ultralight aeroplanes represent 24 % of all Canadian privately registered aircraft (29,162). Transport Canada recognises the flying hours performed aboard ultralights as counting towards obtaining a higher licence.