Who We Are?

Founded in Calgary, with the purpose of enhancing and promoting Sport Aviation via providing ultralight pilot training and cost effective access ultralight / LSA aircraft. Safe and cost effective way to fly ultralight. Unique approach in providing access to an ultralight airplane to promote the enjoyment and the privilege in the freedom of flying.

Ultralight Aeroplane Pilot Training

Our objective is to put more people in the sky and promote the enjoyment and the privilege in the freedom of flying. LSA ultralight training comprises a ground school course and one-on-one flight training. Transport Canada minimum requirements are 10 hours of flight training, however up to 20 hours of training time should be expected to allow the beginner to actively control the airplane.

ULP Passenger Rating

Pilots who have an ultralight permit - Aeroplane, may want to share their flying experience with someone in their life. We can help you realize this dream via providing you with the required training to obtain your passenger carry rating a passenger. For passenger carrying rating, you are required to complete additional five hours of dual flight training and then pass a flight test. The passenger-carrying course will enhance your current capabilities and prepare you for Transport Canada requirements.

Boulton's Airfield Breakfast Fly-in, by Kevin Caine

Overshooting at Boultons

Learning Never Ends

A need to learn is something built into most pilots. We figure out shortly after obtaining our permit or license that the learning never ends. Someone once said that the act of flying literally and figuratively changes your prospective on the world, and that is the secret we pilots know. That’s why we fly. P&P

First Student Group Started Flight training

Dragon Flyer 1, the first group of student started their first day of flight training after completing their ground school. They are looking forward to obtain their Ultralight Pilot Permits within the next six week.

Canadian fly ultralights

There are several reasons why Canadians fly ultralights, but we mostly do it out of necessity, since certified General Aviation has priced itself out of the reach of the average Canadian worker. We fly ultralights because they are simple, affordable, safe, versatile and fun to operate. We fly ultralights because the medical requirements for the … Continued